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Reed CaldwellWelcome to OutrageousOutrages.com, otherwise known by me as OO. Some might say "oh oh," while others might pronounce it "ooooh," or "oh." There really is no correct answer, although it certainly isn't "ow ow." I decided to start writing this blog after piling up a long list of things in my day-to-day life that may need a little oversight or accountability. I'm not here to sound like Dennis Miller going off on a rant. On the contrary, my goal is to expose and discuss simple-yet-annoying aspects of my daily life, and by the good graces of mass-production and capitalism, YOUR daily life, in hopes to enact some change in the way things are done. Or, at the very least, find like-minded people to complain with me.

When I'm not here blogging, I'm the CEO of ServInt. That's probably why I'm rarely here blogging. It should go without saying that the opinions expressed here are my own, and should not be construed as ServInt's opinions.  I'm also a husband, father, pilot, and philanthropist. I live in La Jolla, California and McLean, Virginia. I've been told I also have a great sense of humor, but unfortunately not by any professional comedians.  And yes, this picture was stolen directly from the ServInt Management Team page.

I won't tell if you don't.

Oh, before I let you go there's one more thing I want to make sure you know about.  This site isn't really ad-supported.  Yes, I'm running ads, but I'm donating the proceeds, plus a percentage match by me, to charity.  Its an experiment in self-torture I came up with--try to build a big, successful blog that makes lots of money which forces me to have to donate lots of money to charity.  I'll blog more about the charities I support later.

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